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Alabama teen seeks title of 'Best Kids Mullet' in America

Ethan Boldaz of Roanoke (source:

ROANOKE, Ala. (WBMA) — Ethan Boldaz sparked a trend in Randolph County when he grew his mullet at the start of the summer.

Now, not only are the 14-year-old's football teammates and classmates at Randolph County High School sporting a mullet, but Ethan is in the running for the title of 'Best Kids Mullet in America' from

"It feels pretty good," said Ethan. "Really fun to do it."

"His friends love it," said Ethan's mom, Amanda. "It's pretty much become a rage thing."

Ethan decided to enter the contest at the urging of his dad and their barber after seeing the contest on Facebook.

Now, Ethan is one of the 10 finalists.

Voters across the county have until October 25th to decide the winner who'll take home $500 for winning America's Best Kids Mullet.

"It's cool," said Ethan. "I am hoping I will win it, if I don't it'll be alright though."

Ethan, who plays safety on his high school football team and left field in baseball but loves to hunt and fish, sports what the contest calls 'the curly mullet.' He said his hair is naturally curly.