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EXCLUSIVE: Summer Camp teaches children how to interact with police

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Dayton, Ohio (WKEF) ---- A Dayton 24/7 now exclusive, a summer camp is working to bridge the gap between youth and law enforcement.

The We’re Together camp is in its second week.

“It’s fun we learn new things everyday. We learn how to help others and different experiences.” said camper Reyona Mitchell.

Reyona Mitchell and Isaiah Thompson say they’ve been learning a lot at the camp

“To not be shy, be brave and if you believe anything you can do it,” said camper Isaiah.

But also having a lot of fun, “We’ve been going on field trips. Last week we had a motivational speaker which was Charna Williams she came, and she spoke."

The program started July 5, there are 15 campers.

Partners Destyne Jackson, Kyiera Schooler, and Christin Domineck have been teaching children how to handle an encounter with police.

“They know don’t move, don’t make the police be fearful, show your hands, if you’re in the back seat and of course they are children, so put your hands on the side of the seat,” said Jackson.

But that’s not all, Isaiah is 12 years old, he says he loves police but, “I’ve seen a lot of movies about police, and to be careful in life and stuff.”

That’s why partner Kyiera Schooler says it’s also about teaching them that those movies can become reality, “The things you see in the movies, the things you see in the news like it can be closer than the movies or the news it can happen to anyone of us.”

To these young minds, learning this is important, “So nothing happens, so they don’t think that we are doing something that we’re not doing” said Reyona,

Next week, a retired detective will be coming in to speak with the students, Jackson says she’s been watching the program come to life, “This is everything I hope for you just have a vision and just to see it come true.”

There are three more weeks left in the program. Jackson says you can still enroll your child if you like, for a cost of $40 a week.

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