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Employers continue to struggle finding new hires

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VANDALIA, Ohio (WKEF)- Governor DeWine stopped extra $300 unemployment benefits the end of June. Ohio joining over 20 states in this decision. We asked local employers if this change is having any reflection on the workforce.

Little Yorks Pizza in Vandalia is going strong post-pandemic. Customers are coming in, but workers aren’t.

“There’s people that need to be fed and we just get through the day, but it’s a little rough right now with staffing,” said Ariel Alexander, who’s a manger.

Desperately short-staffed, needing to fill about 20 positions, Alexander said they’re now offering incentives.

“We do not have a sign on bonus going on right now, but we do have a few new things in motion that we haven’t seen at this place like a 401(k) and disability,” Alexander added.

President and CEO of Barry Staff, Doug Barry, experiencing similar challenges. Companies are offering incentives, but the yearning to get back to work, even with Ohio removing the extra $300 unemployment benefit, just isn’t there.

“Still nowhere near the level that we need it to be to get companies that we work with and what we see around town, to get people back to the levels of staffing that they are demanding right now,” said Barry.

The health of Ohio’s economy in tandem with citizens health. Both in recovery mode, that rely on one another.

“As more people get back into the economy, we produce more goods, we produce more services there are things to buy, the economy grows,” said Jeff Guernsey, Asst. Prof. of Finance at Cedarville University. “The economy is not going to grow without people getting back to work.”

The end of August and beginning of September, now a glimmer of hope and potential relief for businesses to hire any parents that may have had child care difficulties this summer.

“We’ve been open for you know over 30 years and this is the first time we’re seeing this stuff,” said Alexander.

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