Police officer helps skunk with container stuck on head

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A police officer helped a skunk with a container stuck on its head in Tewksbury, Mass. (Courtesy: Tewksbury Police Department - MA)

TEWKSBURY, Mass. (SBG) — A police officer in Massachusetts helped a skunk from an undesirable situation.

Officer Eric Hanley with the Tewksbury Police Department bravely approached a skunk with a container stuck on its head and safely removed it.

The department joked Hanley removed it without "injury... or any unpleasant odors."

"He was able to safely and quickly rescue the skunk from his predicament without injury.. or any unpleasant odors," the Tewksbury Police Department wrote on Facebook.

In a video posted by the department, the skunk ran away to safety after Hanley cautiously pulled the container off its head.