Here piggy, piggy! Englewood Police round up loose pig

Englewood Police officer rounds up loose pig in neighborhood. (Photo courtesy Englewood Police Department Facebook page.)

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - It wasn't a high-speed chase, but a four-legged bandit has been captured in Englewood.

Police shared the picture of Office Garlitz rounding up a pig that got loose in a neighborhood this morning. According to the post on the department's Facebook page, the pig was lured into custody with dog food. Officers then put a leash on the "little guy" and kept him safe until the pig's owner arrived.

The department understands the irony of a police officer catching a pig and writes on its Facebook page, "Save the pig jokes, we've heard them all." The post is getting a lot of laughs and shares from those who follow the department's page.